Science Inviting Your Perceptions

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Publisher Young Minds Publishing House (1 January 2021)
Language English

Compiler Sofia Khanam Sneha Sabu
ISBN-10 8194942195
ISBN-13 978-8194942191
Country of Origin India



This book, “SCIENCE Inviting Your Perceptions” from Young
Mind’s Publishing House offers integration of ideas and creativity of
authors in different disciplines of science in a very creative manner.
Here we describe a wide variety of scientific articles, case studies, and
poems keeping an international standard. Since every single brain
thinks on different aspects of different topics, freedom to choose their
style of writing is not restricted. Correlating the ideas and creativities
relating to “SCIENCE”, this book remains a comprehensive signature
of a bunch of promising writers. The plagiarism-free write-ups make
this book more professional. The blending of people with no age
restriction is a pivotal factor of this book which allows age 10 to 65
who belong to different sectors of society. On a positive note, we
introduce our new publication “SCIENCE, Inviting Your Perception”
to broaden up the creative as well as the scientific thoughts and to
identify the authors among them untouched.


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